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School Readiness

Key Carers

Each child will be allocated a Key Carer once they start the nursery. This will be your child’s main carer when in nursery and your point of contact who you’ll build a relationship with through handovers, parents meetings etc. The Key Carers role will consist of caring for your child during their day with us. Your child’s Key Carer will support your child’s needs such as bottle feeding, nappy changing and toileting. The Key Carer will carry out observations, planning, tracking and assessments of your child and send these to you along with photographs through our EyLog app. The Key Carer will keep you up to date with your child’s learning and development and together through the EyLog app you can share ideas, activities, observations, interests and progress both at home and in nursery.

Settling in and transition visits

Once you have registered your child to start at Bumbles Nursery you will be invited into the nursery for a Key Carer appointment and settling in visits. During the Key carer appointment you will stay with your child in the room whilst you meet their Key Carer and discuss your child’s routines and interests. You’ll then be offered visits to help your child settle into the nursery. We believe every child is unique and will take different times to settle, therefore we offer as many visits as you wish to support your child’s transition into starting nursery. Following on from the first visit we encourage parents/carers to gradually aim to leave their child. Initially you can stay in the staff room and enjoy a ‘hot’ cup of tea with the reassurance that you are not far away if needed.  Once your child starts to feel safe and secure within their new setting and starts to build a relationship with their Key Carer you are welcome to go offsite.

School Readiness

The EYFS framework describes school readiness as, ‘giving children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life’

Here at Bumbles Nursery when preparing children for school our practitioners understand the importance of being school ready and cover a range of activities to ensure all aspects of the EYFS is covered and children learn and develop to the best of their ability, offering them the greatest possible start in their early education.

We will support parents with choosing the right school for their child. Once parents receive confirmation from the school that your child has a place, we will be able to see which children may be going to the same school.  Our staff will then contact the schools and invite the reception teachers into our setting to meet the children in an environment that they feel safe and secure in. Whilst visiting the setting, the reception teachers will talk to your child, find out their interests and observe them playing, they will also chat with the children’s Key Carer to discuss their stages of development. The staff will then prepare children for school by displaying different uniforms, book bags and photographs of the school they will be attending. Children gain essential knowledge through the ‘awe and wonder’ of the world they live in through different experiences. During the last term staff will focus on promoting independence, social skills and supporting the children to sit and enjoy listening to a story. Transition booklets and assessment details will then be forwarded on to your child’s new school before starting.

Our Nurseries

Bumbles Nursery Maghull

Manager: Rachael Swain
Broadwood House
31 Northway
L31 7BG

Maghull nursery is the first nursery we opened. It is a large detached building located on Northway Maghull next to the popular Bobby’s Field, story has it that there was once a horse residing there called Bobby.
We bought the building in 2004 when it was being used as a Doctors surgery. Following extensive refurbishment, it became a lovely home from home for the children we care for.

Bumbles Nursery Aintree

Manager: Ayme Westhead
St Giles Church Hall
Aintree Lane
L10 8LE

In 2007 following on from the success of Maghull nursery where we had a large waiting list, the time seemed right to open our second nursery especially when we were approached by a local school to provide quality wraparound care for the children who attended their school.

Bumbles Nursery Orrell Park

Manager: Amanda Dryhurst
49 Orrell Lane
Orrell Park
L9 8BX

Following on from our success of receiving an ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted we opened our third nursery to accommodate our once again large waiting list.
Here in this large detached building we have aimed to preserve its historical character whilst providing an exciting and stimulating environment for our children.

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