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Phonics in Bizzy Bees

What is Phonics?

The Ladybird Team on the Penguin Books Website state:

‘Phonics is the foundation stage of reading. It is teaching the letters and sounds needed for early reading.’

How we teach Phonics

In our Pre-School room we teach phonics using a simple repetitive pattern for example: ‘a is for apple, a, a, apple’. We have chosen words for each letter of the alphabet and we have this displayed in our room. On the display, we have the letter A in both capital and lower case, a picture representing a – apple, as well as the written repetitive pattern. We have this for each letter of the alphabet using familiar words such as ball, cat, dog, elephant etc. We use a repetitive clapping or tapping motion, using either our hands, musical instruments, or wooden sticks, to tap out the rhythm. Using these allow the children to recognise ‘long’ and ‘short’ sounds. For example, the ‘m’ grapheme has a long sound and ‘p’ has a short sound. These repetitive patterns teach children the graphemes, phonemes, initial sounds as well as give the foundation to learn how to sound out simple CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words such as c-a-t and to learn to blend the sounds so c-a-t becomes cat.

What the children get from it

The children have lots of fun learning their phonics. Initially, it prepares children for lessons when they leave us and go to school. The transition to the structure of the day in school will be much easier when the children are used to lesson time and concentrating on activities.

As well as this, the way in which we do phonics teaches patience, resilience, listening skills as well as learning their letters and sounds.

Phonics is an amazing way to begin children’s reading and writing journeys. We try to instil a lifelong love of reading, which begins both at home and in an Early Years setting. We always have books readily available for the children to read. We have noticed children learning phonics have picked up on reading top to bottom and left to right as well as recognising familiar letters in the stories.

Phonics also helps with writing skills as when we do our Word of the Week for our display – children recognise the CVC words chosen. The more Phonics they learn, the easier they will be able to recognise the sounds, sound out the word and then blend the word.

Our Nurseries

Bumbles Nursery Maghull

Manager: Rachael Swain
Broadwood House
31 Northway
L31 7BG

Maghull nursery is the first nursery we opened. It is a large detached building located on Northway Maghull next to the popular Bobby’s Field, story has it that there was once a horse residing there called Bobby.
We bought the building in 2004 when it was being used as a Doctors surgery. Following extensive refurbishment, it became a lovely home from home for the children we care for.

Bumbles Nursery Aintree

Manager: Ayme Westhead
St Giles Church Hall
Aintree Lane
L10 8LE

In 2007 following on from the success of Maghull nursery where we had a large waiting list, the time seemed right to open our second nursery especially when we were approached by a local school to provide quality wraparound care for the children who attended their school.

Bumbles Nursery Orrell Park

Manager: Amanda Dryhurst
49 Orrell Lane
Orrell Park
L9 8BX

Following on from our success of receiving an ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted we opened our third nursery to accommodate our once again large waiting list.
Here in this large detached building we have aimed to preserve its historical character whilst providing an exciting and stimulating environment for our children.

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