Lending Library and Light Box

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Lending Library and Light Box

Our Bizzy Bees 'Lending Library'

The Bizzy Bees library provides all children with an opportunity to choose their own book to borrow and take home with them in their individual book bag. This occurs once a month, within the child’s key carer group with the purpose of encouraging reading with your child at home. The Lending Library offers a variety of books ranging from fiction to non- fiction stories which the children enjoy. We also offer a small selection of activities that will encourage hand- eye coordination and concentration if your child would prefer this instead of a book.

The chosen book will be on loan to the child for one week only, and is to be returned the following week, ready for the next groups selection. This experience will be similar to visiting a library, as you as a parent or carer will be able to assist your child with their choice.

Here at Bumbles we encourage reading to and with the children inside and outside our setting as reading is a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination and helps them to develop language and listening skills in preparation for school.

Our Bizzy Bees 'Light Box'

The light box is used as a learning tool to enhance sensory play opportunities. The children are encouraged to explore the light box in a darkened, calm room and to observe the different items placed on top. This is an interactive activity, where the children get involved whilst learning. The children are introduced to different skeleton x-ray scans and encouraged to identify the different body parts on the light box as well as on their own bodies. The children are also able to develop their knowledge and understanding of shapes, letters and numbers by placing them on top of the light box to view. As the children participate in different light box activities with the support of our staff they develop in different areas of learning which includes their senses, mathematical and scientific awareness whilst strengthening their fine and gross motor skills as they count, sort, pattern make and investigate whilst being inquisitive and eager to learn.

Our Nurseries

Bumbles Nursery Maghull

Manager: Rachael Swain
Broadwood House
31 Northway
L31 7BG

Maghull nursery is the first nursery we opened. It is a large detached building located on Northway Maghull next to the popular Bobby’s Field, story has it that there was once a horse residing there called Bobby.
We bought the building in 2004 when it was being used as a Doctors surgery. Following extensive refurbishment, it became a lovely home from home for the children we care for.

Bumbles Nursery Aintree

Manager: Ayme Westhead
St Giles Church Hall
Aintree Lane
L10 8LE

In 2007 following on from the success of Maghull nursery where we had a large waiting list, the time seemed right to open our second nursery especially when we were approached by a local school to provide quality wraparound care for the children who attended their school.

Bumbles Nursery Orrell Park

Manager: Amanda Dryhurst
49 Orrell Lane
Orrell Park
L9 8BX

Following on from our success of receiving an ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted we opened our third nursery to accommodate our once again large waiting list.
Here in this large detached building we have aimed to preserve its historical character whilst providing an exciting and stimulating environment for our children.

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