Bumbles Maghull

We have three children who have all started in Baby Bees in Maghull Bumbles. Our little girl is still in baby bees, our youngest son is now in Bizzy Bees and our eldest was there from 2015-2019 and is now in school. The team at Bumbles are like a second family to us and our children. We can feel the staffs genuine care for them every day. They cheer them on during their first steps, they cuddle them when they need comforting and they are excited for them when they tell them their special news. Knowing that they have all had those extra eyes and ears looking out for them, supporting them and engaging with them in ways that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to at home, fills us with confidence that they are developing well and happily. We honestly could not be without the nursery and the staff – no request is ever too big or too small when it comes to the children’s well-being. Thank you for all being so friendly, professional and for getting to know our children so well to enable you to give them the best care they need.